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Video – More insane basketball one-timers

Remember that video of those kids making incredible shots in their backyard? Here’s another video of a different group of kids. The quality is much better.

Click here to see the video.

Raptors sign James Lang to 10-day deal

Pape Sow will be reunited with a fellow Arkansas Rimrocker, as the Toronto Raptors signed James Lang to a 10 day contract. Lang signed two 10 day contracts with Atlanta earlier this month, but never got the chance to play.

In 31 games in the NBDL, 6-10 Lang is averaging 8.4 points and 5.0 rebounds. I’d expect the team to be giving him some good minutes against Shaq in the upcoming Miami game.

So much for that

The Toronto Raptors announced today that they have waived Antonio Davis. First and second medical opinions indicate his back problems will keep him out for the rest of the season. Looks like Kendra won’t have to deal with driving in kilometers per hour ever again.

Incidentally, how bad does Jalen Rose want to be back in Toronto? I could throw up my spaghetti and pretzels for dinner and it wouldn’t be as big a mess as the New York Knicks. And if Mike James, as New York papers are reporting, is dying to play for the Big Apple, please go. I’m sure they’ll throw you 10 million a year to be disgruntled.

And on a final note, Pape Sow can make himself useful next time the Raptors face the Boston Celtics by getting acquainted with Gerald Green. That last second dunk last night was disrespectful. Where are you Charles Oakley?

Please genie, grant me 3 wishes

Dear Basketball Genie,

I have secretly been living behind the spring camping display in a Walmart store, daring only to come out at night long after the floor cleaners have punched out and the lights are switched off. Under the veil of the twilight, I move like a sloth through the footwear section, carefully and meticulously rubbing every basketball shoe in search of your services so that my team could one day join the upper echelon of elite basketball teams. In the event that I keel over and die of exhaustion before I chance upon you, please find this letter in my pocket and kindly grant me the following three wishes.

1. Remove the plastic from Chris Bosh’s hands.
Aside from being arguably the worst dribbler in competitive basketball, Bosh has a tendency to get stripped more than the Friday Night Feature at the Brass Rail. The final two minutes of every Raptors basketball game will unquestionably include either one sloppy turnover by Bosh’s weak floor skills or one preposterous 3-point shot by Mike James. Which brings me to my next wish.

2. Give Mike James his own basketball commercial.
Cause that’s obviously what’s running through his mind when he habitually eats a fresh 24 clock down to two seconds before launching the ball over open team mates. I heard when Mike James saw Tracy McGrady rising over a crowd on demon wings, he ripped off his jersey and demanded attention for his pecs. No one shows up Mike James. Watch out, Chuck Norris.

3. Shorten regulation benches by a meter.
Maybe that’ll finally give Alvin Williams a reason to just call it quits and save everyone the time and hassle. You’re a great kid, Alvin, but the Borg have asked me to remind you that resistance is futile. Retire and spend some of that hard-earned money on a yacht. Take Hoffa with you.



James needs some love

The following article was written by Steve Buffery on March 21, 2006.


A bad actress once said: “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”

In the real word, or at least in Raptors guard Mike James’ world, love means a lot more than that.

It’s love, James insists, that ultimately will decide where he plays next year. It’s a word he has used repeatedly when asked what it will take to sign him to a new deal when the current campaign ends. The difficulty is, James has more definitions of love than the Beatles had songs with Love in the title.

But after a long, in-depth, sometimes rambling, conversation with the Raptors personable point guard yesterday, this much we can determination.

To Mike James, love means:

1. Lots of money.

Well, duh. Every free agent coming off a good season wants a lot of money. But in James’ case, the longtime NBA journeyman wants to move into the same neighbourhood as the big boys. James believes he has been underpaid for years (he makes $3.4 million US this season) and believes he deserves what the NBA’s top point guards receive. Can you say $8 million to 10 million per year?

“Just give me what I deserve. Don’t underpay me,” he said. “I’m tired of being called an underachiever. I’m tired of being underpaid and I’ve been underpaid since I’ve been in this game, so now it’s time for me to get what I deserve.

“I know I went to Duquesne (University), I know I was undrafted. But that was five to six years ago. Let’s talk about what’s happening in 2006,” James said. “I’m tired of seeing guys who don’t deserve what they’re getting, getting it, and not doing what they’re supposed to do.”

2. Love means general manager Bryan Colangelo signing Chris Bosh to a new deal this summer and doing what he can to keep the team’s foundation players together for a long time. If Colangelo can do that, James insisted, the Raptors could develop into an outfit like the Detroit Pistons. Yes, he said the Pistons.

“We have a good thing going here and I believe that if management allows this team to grow up together, we’re going to have something real good,” he said. “You don’t build a great team overnight. It takes time for each player to learn each other.”

Indeed, James said earlier this month the Raptors will make the playoffs next season if they keep the team together.

3. Love means having a long leash.

James wants a team to allow him to live life on his terms — to be able to ride a motorcycle, to be able to sky dive. Most pro athletes have clauses in their contracts prohibiting them from partaking in risky activities during the off-season. Remember Paul Quantrill and his snowmobile accident? The Canadian pitcher told the Blue Jays he broke his right femur tobogganing, before confessing the truth some time later.

“I’m an on-the-edge type person. I love living life,” James said. “I understand what’s at stake. I know I’m an investment. But my thing is, would you rather me lie to you? And when you ask me what happened, I say I fell in the shower.

“I’m sorry that I enjoy doing things that people are scared to death to do. I’m sorry that I don’t mind going parasailing, that I don’t mind jumping out of an airplane. That I don’t mind trying to bungy jump.


There’s nothing wrong with having fun.

“But if that’s your excuse for why you don’t want to give me a deal. So be it. I’m pretty sure there’s 30 teams in the NBA. I don’t need all 30 to love. I’m just looking for one,” he said.

Money, his teammates, a long leash, respect. Yes, for Mike James, love is a many-splendored thing.


I hope to God some of you Mike James lovers are seeing through this guy. Through his actions on the court and off the court, it is undeniable that Mike James has tunnel vision that ends with a full-length mirror. I’ve had so many Mike James debates this year, I could throw up. I can only plead with Raptors fans to look at the big picture and screw your heads on straight.

That is all.

Toronto Raptors – ticket code

I just wanted to pass on a special promotion from the Toronto Raptors.

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Richard Peddie meddles with the Toronto Raptors

I know it’s become quite fashionable in Toronto to hate on Richard Peddie, the CEO of Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment. And why not? Both the Toronto Raptors and the Toronto Maple Leafs are vying for playoff spots like two hobos looking into a bakery window.

Well, for those of you who are tired of Peddie’s apparent meddling, you’d be be quite interested in reading yesterday’s Globe & Mail article which reports that it was Richard Peddie’s decision to not trade Donyell Marshall and to buy out Alonzo Mourning’s contract. All you Babcock haters should be ashamed of yourselves.

The Globe & Mail is said to have close ties to the Raptors organization; most articles originating from there tend to carry significant merit. Here are some excerpts from the piece:

    At last year’s trading deadline, Babcock was prevented from trading forward Donyell Marshall because he’d been instructed by Peddie that he couldn’t take on players whose contracts continued past last season.
    According to two sources, Babcock was determined not to buy out the last two years of Mourning’s deal, convinced that Mourning — who was sidelined with complications from his kidney transplant –was so determined to pursue a championship with the Miami Heat that he would agree to dissolve his existing contract in exchange for becoming a free agent, costing the Raptors nothing.

    Peddie didn’t want to take the risk. If Mourning retired, citing his medical condition, the Raptors would be left paying out the entirety of his contract, or about $17-million (U.S.).

    Instead, Peddie worked directly with Mourning’s agent, Jeffrey Wechsler, on a buyout, one that eventually saved the Raptors about $6-million, even as it was widely seen as another sign of weakness from Babcock.

Peddie’s direct involvement with both teams was a prominent issue during the search for a new GM, and at Colangelo’s press conference, Peddie assured the media that Colangelo will have autonomy over basketball.

I, for one, do not believe him. What do you think?

Toronto Raptors nick names

We’re looking to add a Fan Fun page to this site where you can contribute your favorite one-liners, nicknames, stories, or anything else related to the Toronto Raptors. We’re going to start things off with Raptor nicknames.

If you think you have any great nicknames for a Raptors player, leave a comment at the end of this post. We’ll be using this for our new page shortly.

As most of you know, we here at were the first to coin the name Mine James. And I’ll stop you right now, because I lay claim to Hoffa’s new nickname, The Brazilian Civilian.

Looking forward to your creativity!

Video – Amazing backyard basketball shots

This video is a compilation of a couple of kids making absurd one-timers in their backyard. Some of their shots are down right unbelievable. You be the judge.

Click here to view download the video.

Sam Mitchell – NBA’s Worst Coach

Once again, we find ourselves at a familiar clearing. The Toronto Raptors may very well be the perfect NBA team to sponsor 7-Eleven convenience stores nationwide. After all, we can’t just seem to close the door on anyone.

Another night and another dagger later, Toronto finds it’s already distant playoff hopes slipping into the basketball abyss. I’ve been contending for quite some time against popular opinion that Toronto would be better suited with another coach at the helm. Sam Mitchell is inarguably a very well-grounded individual with a level perspective on just about everything, but he’s not head coach material. If Toronto fans has been guilty of one thing, it’s falling in love with the sizzle rather than the steak. And time and time again, the Raptors have been unable to escape basketball peril at the most crucial times.

In the latest issue of Sport’s Illustrated, Sam Mitchell was voted by 248 players as the Worst Coach in the NBA. Bear in mind that players were not allowed to vote for their own coach. At such a delicate junction in the season, with the recent hiring of new GM Bryan Colangelo and the Raptors battle for the final playoff spot in the East, Sam Mitchell’s job has never been more at stake.

Comments and opinions are welcome on what you think of Sam Mitchell. I’d love to hear your input.