MLSE…Setting up for disaster

So what happens if Bryan Colangelo doesn’t make his way to Toronto? What if this whole jump ship to the Great White North thing doesn’t actually pan out and Colangelo and Phoenix managing partner Robert Sarver actually work things out (there is a perceived riff between the two)? What if Colangelo says something like, “After reviewing my options, I realized that my heart is still in Phoenix and I would like to see my dreams of a championship realized with the team I helped develop.” I’ll tell you what happens then: the Raptors look like chumps again.

I don’t know why MLSE has to make it so difficult on themselves every time there is a decision like this to be made. Knowing that no big deals were going to be made before yesterday’s deadline and also knowing that Wayne Embry is as competent as they come, the Raptors should have just kept quiet, had a LIST of names and gotten to work at the end of the season before the draft.

But no, of course, there is a need to focus on one guy, leak it to the press, create a big circus and set yourself up for what could be a crash with serious waves…I’m talking fat uncle in the deep end doing a cannonball kind of waves. Even though this isn’t one of the major American basketball cities, the media in Toronto is as tough as they come and if there is one thing they are good at, it’s smelling blood in the water. If this doesn’t work out, they will play it for all it’s worth and good for them too.

Why so much focus on one guy? As Lang pointed out, he has had a good track record, although it took him a little while to get it going. Why put all your eggs in one basket, especially when that basket is being held together with a few pieces of tape?

I’m hoping that Colangelo does sign here, simply because I don’t want the Raptors to have to deal with another controversy. I don’t want to have to see Sam shaking his head in a press conference, saying, “sometimes that’s how it goes basketball, it’s a business”.

If Bryan Colangelo is using this as a method to get a better contract for himself in Phoenix, I applaud him. You can never fault a guy for working a deal that is best for him, even if it means using somebody (or a collective group of somebody’s…who are actually basketball nobodies).

Me? I’ll be sitting on the edge of the pool, waiting for the gasp when uncle Ted hits the water.