Pape Sow – Worst Starter

Pape Sow, the only Raptors player with eyes in the back of his head (and none in the front), has been through it all. From riding the bench to running the D-League, Pape’s finally been recognized with his first all-important award: Worst Starter.

Mike Kahn of had this to say about Pape SowOK, all together now … who? He’s just the latest futile attempt by the Raptors to have what we may loosely refer to as a starting center. They signed him from the Arkansas RimRockers of the NBA’s Developmental League. There’s a joke in there somewhere, but suffice to say he’s still in the developmental process.

Two things to note. Antonio Davis has been starting at center the last few games, and this article was posted just yesterday – should have did some current research before finishing that article, Mike. Secondly, Sow was already part of the Raptors roster, but thanks for pretending to give us the time of day.

That aside, you can’t really disagree with the premise. If Pape is supposed to be rough around the edges, imagine him as a giant ball of sandpaper strips. He’s like the new kid down the street you invite to play streetball. He doesn’t care what team picked him – his mission is to destroy the ball and everyone else around him.

Pape Sow may not be the savior of Toronto basketball and subsequently not play many minutes, but why waste his talent? Lets think outside the box. I think we should unleash him into the community as a crime fighter.

Being bullied around at school for lunch money? Toss a basketball at the punk and tell Pape to fetch. Just lost your parking spot to a mean old lady? Get Pape to set a screen in front of her car door.

I think it’s a dirty shame that Pape Sow jerseys aren’t manufactured with a mandatory cape.