Keep Toronto Worm Free

There are rumours and then there are rumours. But hearing Rodman say that Toronto and Portland have been offering him workouts is the latter stage of rumour. Let’s consider the source: Dennis Rodman. This is a guy who dressed up in a wedding down (and God knows what underneath), full makeup and everything to promote his book. If he hadn’t already done it, he would probably be doing it right now on Church street to get some attention.

People, The Worm is something like 44 years old. Even Clifford Robinson is looking at Rodman and saying, “Dude, you need to pack it in.” If there is ANY truth to this, the Raptors will finally earn some of the ridicule they have received over the past couple of years. In his first British league game last week, The Worm didn’t even have a big impact…IN A BRITISH LEAGUE GAME.

I don’t know if the Raptors brass is getting worried about declining attendance and are thinking about something to draw some interest, but this isn’t the way. I watch or go to every game, so I’m already there, but if you bring the “sometimes” basketball fan back to the game with Rodman, only to see him get embarrassed, get T’d up after he realizes the game has passed him by and then get busted at one of this city’s many fine “massage parlours”, the Raptors will just end up alienating more people.

Wayne Embry has made a couple of good moves since taking over as interim GM and I can’t see him going along with this. Have you ever seen that half-hesitant, corner of the eye look that Embry gives interviewers after games? I can just see him meeting with Peddie, throwing him one of those looks and saying, “You want me to WHAT? You must done gone lost your mind.”

Come on Toronto, we’re better than this.