Raptors remarks

There was a story yesterday in the Newark Star-Ledger reporting that coach Flip Saunders is determined to start Vince Carter in place of the injured Jermaine O’Neal for this weekend’s All Star game.

I know many of you fans in Toronto are hoping that Chris Bosh will be called to fill that spot come game time, however slim those chances may be. Going with Carter would essentially match him up with San Antonio’s Tim Duncan. I’m going on the record as saying that I would much rather see Bosh play opposite Duncan than Vince Carter, but maybe that’s my bias showing through.

And on an unrelated note. Leave it up to Jalen Rose to come up with the quote of the day. When asked during a Raptors-Knicks pre-game interview on how great he thought it would be to get a win against his former team, Rose replied without missing a beat, “It’d be great to get a win against any team.”

You gotta love Jalen.