Raptors in motion

The All Star weekend is fast approaching and the Toronto Raptors are looking much more like a band of brothers rather than a band of others. Tomorrow night the team slides into Madison Square Garden for a match against the down-trodden New York Knicks and looks to extend the current winning streak to 4 games. Let’s take a quick look at the team.

  • Scheduling: There is no doubt that January and February has been easy on the team, and the Raptors have worked to capitalize on the easy schedule.
  • Chris Bosh: If it worked for Adam Sandler, maybe we should double up Bosh’s duties as the team waterboy as well. A fired-up Bosh would cause unbelievable havoc against any opponent. H2O!
  • Mike James: Shoot first, shoot second. Next time count how many times Mike James launches ridiculously long 3’s in the final two minutes of the game. It’s like he’s shooting to win his own late night talk show.
  • Hoffa: I feel terrible for him. As much as I’ve been riding him all year, this isn’t the way he should be going out. The best thing for his career right now is to head down to the D-League and fast, before he enters his 3rd year and becomes ineligible.
  • Mo Pete: Still auditioning for the Ringling Bros., but becoming consistent in the process. Mo is definitely a key factor in Toronto’s ability to tuck away games.
  • Pape Sow: Sometimes he looks better suited to play beach volleyball, but you can’t deny his effort, albeit a little bit misguided at times.
  • Rob Babcock: Just because he’s gone.
  • Charlie V.: I’m still very uncomfortable with Charlie as a starter. It’s only a matter of time until it gets to his head and he sets his effort on cruise control.
  • Antonio Davis: He’ll never be the man he was during his first stint with the team, but make no mistake – he is a smart basketball player. That counts for a lot more than people think.
  • Jose Calderon: I can’t believe he made that 3-pointer against Minnesota. Please don’t ever take that shot again.

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