MINE James

If you plan on attending the game at the Air Canada Centre this Sunday between the Toronto Raptors and the Portland Trailblazers, be sure to be early. The first 5000 through the gates will receive a promotional pair of Raptors gloves made entirely of velcro with the number 13 sewn on the back.

Can someone from the Raptors front office please send Mike James a memo and tell him that it’s acceptable to pass the ball. The overtime quarter in the San Antonio game is just another reminder why Toronto should not feel entirely hard-pressed to re-sign MINE James. I can count on my nose how many times Chris Bosh, our franchise player, got a touch in overtime against the defending NBA champions. That is absolutely poor basketball decision-making.

Mike James has spent a considerable amount of years bouncing around this league as a journeyman player, and with good reason. Prior to this season, he has never really been able to string together a decent set of stats for an entire year. And purely out of need rather than choice, the Toronto Raptors moved Mike into the starting rotation. And much like Carlton Banks suddenly pushed out on stage, his eyes lit up and he put on a horrible performance with no regard for reality.

Mike James is not the go-to player on this team. Mike James is not leader of this team. Mike James is not the voice of this team. Mike James is not the future of this team. Mike James is not the answer for this team.

Legend has it that one night it took Mike James 2 hours to drive down the Lakeshore because he didn’t know how to use the passing lane.

True story.