Jalen Rose traded for Antonio Davis.

The following was published on CBC Sports, “For the second time in his career, Jalen Rose has been traded for Antonio Davis. According to ESPN.com, the Toronto Raptors dealt Rose to the New York Knicks in exchange for former Raptor Antonio Davis on Friday. The Knicks, who play the Raptors Friday night in Toronto, also get a first-round draft pick in the deal.”

Thanks for everything, Jalen. You are a true professional and will sorely be missed in Toronto.

That aside, Wayne Embry is brilliant.

Antonio Davis is a far better component than Penny Hardaway, who wouldn’t have even contributed in any fashion. With AD, we get a solid center who can help with the defense immediately. And better yet, his contract expires this year, leaving the Raptors with more cap space to make some moves.

Great, great deal.