DNP-CD. Five letters you never want to see beside your name if you’re in the NBA. Did Not Play – Coach’s Decision. For Joey Graham, he got slapped with one last night against Denver.

So let’s see, did he deserve it? Sam has said that other players have had it too, but really, those guys don’t fit into Raptor plans. Joey does or they wouldn’t have drafted him. Given, sometimes Joey looks confused out there, “guarding” guys like VC used to, guarding them as they head back down the court AFTER scoring. But has he really been that bad as to deserve a DNP-CD? No.

Here’s the thing Sam, Joey’s a rookie. Rookies are going to make mistakes. Rookies are going to get schooled a bit. Rookies are going to look lost. That’s what they do. They’re rookies. The ones who don’t compete for Rookie of the Year. By benching Joey Graham, Sam is doing nothing but breaking Joey’s confidence. Some may think that this is tough love, that the Raps need some of that and to a point, they do, but Joey doesn’t. He needs to have things explained to him, needs to have his mistakes pointed out and then he needs to be shown how not to make them again. As a coach, you can only do so much, which is where some mentorship comes in. If the Raps are looking to D-Mart to do this with Joey, they’re sadly mistaken. This is where Eric Williams (who got some minutes last night) or Aaron Williams (the uniform wrinkler…that’s all he does, wrinkle uniforms) can help out. They’re not studs, but they understand some of the finer points of the game.

So Sam, take it easy on Joey. Hoffa has been brutal forever and he’s a STARTER…in the NBA! Joey has a bad couple of weeks and he’s a DNP-CD? Really? Come on.