Pape Sow’s the weasel

Whether or not it’s a good thing, I have returned from a short hiatus during which the Toronto Raptors blew out the New York Knicks and then lay face down in the closet when Utah and Chicago came knocking.

Firstly, I wanted to introduce RF’s newest writer and my partner in all crimes punishable by death, Jay. If you’re tired of listening to my misguided assays (yes, that is a real word), you can listen to his voice of reason bring some much needed basketball knowledge to this site. Don’t think that I can’t hear that collective sigh of relief out there.

I’m utterly astounded that before Pape Sow could even park himself back on the Raptors bench, Sam Mitchell publicly came out and denounced his value to the team. Because that is essentially what the team is saying when they’re refusing to allocate any playing time for him. Apparently the Raptors have a plethora of great players and not enough minutes to go around, and god forbid we cut Hoffa’s playing time for a kid who did everything Hoffa was drafted to do.

When will enough be enough? When will the Raptors contingent accept the fact that Hoffa was a project that failed worse than my grade 10 french. Despite what anyone on the coaching staff or management will tell you, the stats don’t lie. Rafael’s stats are, get this… WORSE this year than last, except for just one category.

He gets whistled on fundamental fouls that a baboon would be able to understand. He doesn’t score. He doesn’t rebound. He’s assisted the other team in scoring baskets on us. He got beat by Nate Robinson in a jump ball. What more could possibly happen for the team to want to dump him like yesterday’s lunch?

I made a promise to be good to Hoffa this year, but gosh darn it if he’s not making it extremely difficult for me to keep my mouth shut. The last time I saw Hoffa make a nifty play was when he was back in college. No wonder he loves playing against the Jazz in Utah – that’s the only place that actually recognizes him as a basketball player from his time at BYU.

Enough, enough. Pape Sow should get some minutes, because he earned them.

On a final note, the Raptors really need to pick up intensity. If I wanted 48 minutes of lethargy, I’d have sex with my girlfriend. I have to go make a new home for myself on the couch now.