Hoffa out

Somewhere far beyond the reach of Keon Clark and into the celestial heavens that blanket the sky, God intercepted a message from Earth. The message itself was far more than just a wish, for upon closer inspection it unfolded into a veritable petition of prayers from an exasperated but otherwise excited group of individuals who followed a basketball team known as the Toronto Raptors. Glad to fulfil these pleas and not wanting to stray from popular belief lest all chaos broke loose on Earth, God decided to work in strange and mysterious ways.

And so Pape was called up from the D League, and Hoffa injured his shoulder.

Hoffa’s injury has really been nagging him for a few weeks, and it was only today that he thought it was high time to have it diagnosed before it became a full blown catastrophe. Initial reports indicate he’ll be sitting out for at least a few games, pending the outcome of a second MRI.

In all likelihood, Matt Bonner will start in place of Hoffa tonight, but fans are hoping to catch a glimpse of Pape Sow tonight. Count me as one of them. You can call the D League anything you want, but the fact is that it’s still a league of fantastic ball players that would run circles around any team you put together at the YMCA. So for Pape to walk into that league after threading cob webs on the Raptors bench and lead the league in rebounds as well as establish himself as the 3rd highest scorer, there is no shame in feeling a little bit optimistic.

Tonight’s game should be a scoring showcase, as neither team will be interested in playing any defence. I would love for Pape to come into the game and throw down a monster dunk – a play that I have branded as a “Pape Smear.” At the very least, even if Pape stands there and looks silly, he’ll be able to do it at twice the speed of Araujo.

At any rate, if Sam Mitchell can not find any time in the next few games to play Pape for a good chunk of minutes, I will officially not mention him by name for the rest of the season. We are not talented enough to be worrying about playing time for our players. Expect the Raptors to win tonight.