Off day thoughts

It’s an off day for the team, who are preparing for their matchup against the surging New York Knicks, so I thought I’d talk about a few things on my mind.

Darrick Martin – The Raptors decided that he was valuable enough to keep around, so they guaranteed his contract for the remainder of this season. I’m not a big fan of D-Mart and aside from two key 3-pointers late in the fourth quarter of the Hawks game, I haven’t seen anything that would warrant another body advertising gatorade on the bench. Perhaps the Raptors found it beneficial to keep him for the intangible reasons, one of which apparently is his fluency in Spanish and his ability to help Jose Calderon adjust to NBA ball better. I don’t know how much translators go for these days, but with his salary I’m sure we could hire enough for everyone in Jose’s family. Put me on the record as saying this signing was a poor decision.

Mike James – I’ve been on this guy all month and everything I’ve said about him has now been beaten to death in the media. I’m just concerned that in a contract year, Mike is more interested in showcasing himself for this summer’s signing rather than playing smart ball for the betterment of the club. He’s taken some very questionable shots and has taken it upon himself to carry the team in the clutch when there are better shooting options available. Despite what he and what most of us want, the purpose of this basketball year is to improve the rookies, not to win games at any cost. That’s not my philosophy – it’s management’s. And if you’re not playing within the system, sooner or later you become a burden. Thanks for the hustle, but I’ll be glad when when you’re gone, Mike.

Mo Pete – If I could pick an MVP for the team this year, it’s gotta be Mo. Peterson is probably having the best season of his career, especially turning around his play on the road after abysmal road production last year. He was never one that really made a difference whether he was on the court or not, but his ejection from the New Jersey game really highlighted the departure of team defense and passion when he’s not in uniform.

The upcoming New York game – It’s going to be a battle of the rookies as Channing Frye, Nate Robinson, and David Lee showcase their skills against Charlie Villanueva, Jose Calderon, and Joey Graham. At this point in the season, I’d have to give the advantage to the Knicks.

Chris Bosh – For the love of God, if you haven’t already voted for the All Star game, give this kid a nod.