The last straw

In spite of the Raptors recent winning tendencies, the game versus the Charlotte Bobcats was boring enough to make me put off my ramblings until the night after.

To go so far as to pre-empt yesterday’s match by heralding it as a sure-win instead of a must-win is a testament to how lousy Toronto sports fans are. Granted, Charlotte was coming off a double overtime win the previous night and playing without Brevin Knight and Emeka Okafor, but seriously… Toronto fans need to stop pretending they know anything about sports.

If New York sports aficionados are known for the New York Minute, then I’d like to propose the Toronto Tick. I’ve never seen a city more schizophrenic. You ever go drinking with a group of strangers and meet that one girl who, in an inebriated state, can howl at the lamest joke one minute and then burst into tears the next? She’s definitely a born and bred Toronto sports fan.

I mean, come on people. The Toronto Raptors are 12 and 24. During post-game interviews, one reporter asked Sam Mitchell if he was disappointed that the Raptors played down to the Bobcats. Sam answered:

“We’ve got 12 wins. How are we going to play down to anyone? I would look like a knucklehead to stand here and say that. This is sports and no one is supposed to win. You’ve got to give the effort and the execution and do the things necessary to win.”

It’s the people who don’t give a rat’s behind about a team until they start stringing together victories that ask these kind of stupid questions. You see, bandwagoners aren’t interested in wasting time understanding the game- they’re more interested in joining any winning cause that will give them a false sense of belonging and overshadow their miserable existences.

If you don’t know anything about the game, then don’t make uneducated comments. Don’t go into the office the next day and say, “Gee, the Raps didn’t beat Charlotte by 30 points. They sucked.” Or ask about when playoff tickets are going on sale because you heard the word mentioned on the radio. Or ask how many ‘slam dunks’ the team got.

Take some time to learn about the squad and about the game. Show that you’re in this for real, and not just because we’re winning more games. And above all, stick with it – through thick and thin. Be a fan.

Because the way I see it right now, there are more bandwagons parked outside the ACC than taxi cabs, and they’re doing Toronto sports a great disservice.