Raptors win final game of the year

Count it as a win, and a steal.

Canseco Fieldhouse cleared out faster than momma’s Christmas turkey tonight when the Raptors stormed back from a 16 point deficit to win over Indiana, 99-97. What was most surprising wasn’t the surge to get back into the game. Toronto has always been able to fight back from large point debts. What was most unexpected was how the Raptors controlled the last minute and nursed their crucial lead.

Mike James finished with a double-double, but I still think this guy takes way too many questionable shots. It’s like he’s got a bad case of Alstonitis. Chris Bosh looked practically uninterested in the last quarter and couldn’t find the will to either set good screens or get open for passes.

I am convinced that this win came about due in small part to the injuries to Jose Calderon and Joey Graham. When you’ve got solid veterans playing in the place of rookies only 30 games old, your chances of winning are undoubtedly better.

The Atlanta Hawks again lost tonight, and you know what that means. If even for a brief fleeting moment in time, the Raptors are no longer the worst team in the league. And if the Knicks lose against the Jazz tonight, Toronto can dust it’s shoes off because we move ahead of New York in the division. Thanks for the hard work, Isiah.

So for you Raptors fans who have found my humble dwelling here on RaptorsForums.com, remember to bring in the New Year with great cheer. The Raptors went .500 in the month of December, the beers are chilling in the fridge, and 2006 is tugging at your pants.

Have a great one.