Home is TWO sweet

When you go from playing the best team in the league on the road to playing the worst team at home, the results have to be dramatically different. In a matchup similar to a slapping battle between Napoleon and Kip Dynamite, the Raptors managed to hold off the Atlanta Hawks to notch their 2nd road win of the season with a 108-102 score.

I’m still concerned with our defence, which at times looked either lost or disinterested. Opposing teams are finding ways of exposing our defence to execute the same play time after time. It’s like we’re playing with short term memory loss with the way opponents are feasting off one particular play.

Count this victory as a lucky break. Our best player didn’t have a great night, and the two highest scorers, Morris Peterson and Mike James, happen to be the players that make you the most nervous everytime they drive to the basket. But give them credit – they knocked down a smorgasbord of shots tonight. And in other news, Hoffa was so terrible, Sam Mitchell didn’t even keep him in long enough to foul out.

But a win is a win, and the fat lady sang. Kudos to Mo Pete for his ironman effort in consecutive NBA games.