We got Pist-on

Have you ever played those games at the carnivals where you get 6 balls and the objective is to roll them into slots, tally up your score, and see if it’s either above or below a certain number? I usually roll my first 3 balls, realize that it’s mathematically impossible for me to win any prize, and then tank my last shots.

Watching the Raptors play basketball tonight gave me flashbacks of hot candy apples and scary looking carnival operators. Despite the fact that Toronto only lost by 7 points, the game itself was far uglier.

Aside from the stellar effort Chris Bosh had piggybacking the team, the Raptors were nothing short of abysmal. The entire team stood around watching balls like 5 dudes on a deserted nudist beach. And if there was any defence played tonight, it was Alvin Williams guarding his right knee.

It’s quite alarming when the tv broadcasters are calling plays moments before the opponents are setting themselves, and we have 5 coaches who couldn’t spot a play if they had front row seats to Phantom Of The Opera.

But all is not lost on me. We faced off against the best team in the league – not a walk in the park by any standards. But good golly, where is the effort? The only guy pouring his heart into the game is the one we’re supposed to be trying to entice to stay. How’s that working for you?

Toronto swings back into town for a game tomorrow night against the Atlanta Hawks. I was going to preface that with ‘lowly’ and then took a look at the standings and decided against it. The Hawks game should be entertaining, and expect Toronto to notch their second home win this season. I’ll be there in my new Raptors toque, with my clipboard counting down Hoffa’s personal fouls, and having a blast.