Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is a win

Count me in as one of the fans who were caught up in the moment. You win 5 of your last 6 road games and everything suddenly seems possible. But then you take the red pill, and you wake up realizing that the Raptors lost a game they had no business winning in the first place. Sure, it came down to the wire – down to a missed layup by Mike James that could’ve changed the complexion of the game. But good teams and great teams are separated by that indiscernible element, and the better team always dominates the final plays of the game.

Jalen Rose looked like he stepped out of a time machine from 12 months ago and played hard. I imagine this is all leading to the cusp of an imminent trade, and I can only hope that if Jalen Rose is indeed dealt to New York for Penny Hardaway, he climbs onboard that plane alone. I am not a proponent of throwing in a draft pick to make this deal more attractive to the Knicks.

Is it a coincidence that Chris Bosh has an off night and the Raptors lose? Make no mistake – San Antonio is a beast of a team and despite the fact that they were horrendous from the charity stripe and the arch, we probably wouldn’t have won the game anyways. But Chris Bosh is the number one scoring option. It boggles my mind why he wasn’t getting more touches in the 4th to pull us back in.

I’ll keep saying it until it becomes second nature to the team: Go inside to Bosh. Go inside to Bosh. Go where? Inside to Bosh.

It’s nice to see that Bonner hitched a ride on that time machine with Jalen. Now if only we could borrow the machine, go back 20 years to San Paulo, and give Hoffa a tuba instead of a basketball. Bonner’s starting to look comfortable with his jumpshot, which is a good thing. Unfortunately, he’s also getting comfortable dribble-driving to the net, which is a bad, bad thing. He dribbles the basketball to a tempo slow enough for me to play Three Blind Mice to.

It was a great game, nonetheless. The effort was there, and we caught a bad break at the end. We should take a loss in Detroit on the 27th, and then win our second home game the following night with Atlanta. Remember, the TOQUE promotion is still on for that game, so grab your tickets if you haven’t already done so.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!