Houston dressed to the 9’s.

Someone better start ordering the confetti, because the Raptors have won 5 of their last 6 road games. In an otherwise boring game, the Raps abused the Rockets 94-81 for a predictable victory. Just keep in mind that Houston could fit all the players they dressed tonight into an elevator, all 9 of them – the Rockets were that injury-plagued. Most notably, Yao sat out after having surgery on his big toe. That still didn’t prevent him from being more effective in this game than Hoffa.

Bosh should’ve had more touches, more free throw attempts, and more points this game. Stromile Swift started at center, with Mutombo out with a finger injury. All we needed is someone with a great singing voice, and we could have threw together a lively rendition of “This Little Piggy” with Yao and Dikembe. But with Houston’s lack of height and rebounding, Bosh should’ve taken over this game. There is no excuse for not posting at least a double-double.

Tracy McGrady played like Vince Carter Version 2004, Stromile Swift got kicked in his package, and Moochie Norris almost joined Rafer dressed up as Death himself. This will be a game Houston will soon want to forget (along with the Alston-James trade).

I’m interested in seeing how Gene Keady’s experience will contribute to our playmaking. I’m still disappointed with Sam Mitchell’s ability to draw up plays and execute them. I still can’t remember the last time we actually ran a play from the whistle and got a basket. Even Mo Pete’s 3-pointer last game wasn’t intended for him, so it’s of paramount importance that we practice plays until they become second nature, and learn to dictate the game in clutch situations.

We’ll certainly need it in San Antonio.