Do you believe in Magic?

What do you know. Taking their 4th win in the last 5 road games, the Raptors produce a little magic of their own and chalk up a victory down in Orlando. Well, heck… what did we do right?!? Quick, someone jot this down, photocopy it, and hand it out to the everyone on the team and their brothers! We’re on to something!

Chris Bosh taking charge. There was one thing I used to love about Vince that we lost when he left, and that was the ability to literally ‘turn it up’ at will. No one has been able to do that, save Jalen at the end of last year when he was putting 4th quarters in his pocket. However, Bosh is proving that he has the ability, and more importantly, the desire to do the very same thing. It’s what separates good players from superstars, and I can only pray that Chris takes a liking to his new mean streak. Be aggressive, demand the ball, take it strong to the rim. We can win games when we want.

Jalen Rose in the game when it counts. What have I been saying about playing Jalen in the crunch? Shooting slump or no shooting slump, he is a proven veteran. Aside from his horrible missed free throws in the dying seconds, Jalen did what he’s capable of doing with playing time. Will he embark on another tear like he last season? Probably not. But make no mistake, he’s still a crafty player that can knock down clutch shots.

Hoffa’s hustle. Did you see the fire in Hoffa’s eyes tonight? He was all over his matchups. I’ve never seen this side of Hoffa before. Aaaaaaaaaaand, *snaps fingers*, exit trance. Hoffa was abysmal as usual. On one particular play where Steve Francis blew by a bewildered Hoffa, Orlando’s radio play-by-play announcer Dennis Neumann, laughed and remarked, “Rafael looked like a statue in a Brazilian park. He just watched Steve Francis’ tail lights speed right by him.” At least someone is laughing.

Mo Pete’s circus longball. Face it, practically 8 out of 10 field goals Mo Pete puts up are circus shots, but miraculously, this one went in. I rank this 3rd behind the under-the-net 20 foot layup that went straight down, and the blindfolded headband basket. Still, you gotta feel nothing but love for everything holy in this life when he knocks down one of them. Hey, it’s about time a little luck went our way for a change.

And it’s worth mentioning that A. Will got some playing time and made great use of it. Good for him. He was on the bench so long, I started confusing him with the other A. Will. Wait a sec, who am I talking about again?

Next game is on Wednesday in Houston. Call me crazy, but I think we can take this one home too. Mike James will be playing his former team (the Rockets are still crying over the trade), the momentum will be on our side, and it’ll be a race to see who’s slower – Yao or Hoffa. My bet…. well, you know.