Another day in the office

Make it 20, folks. We’ve lost the same amount of games as Detroit, Milwaukee, and Indiana combined. Yes, I hung my head in shame too.

But boy, do the Raptors make it easy to write about them. I could essentially copy a post-game summary from virtually any previous game, add today’s date, and voila. I don’t think we could play defense even if we had Jose Calderon sit up on the rim – it’s THAT bad.

It was refreshing to see Eric Williams get a few minutes of playing time. Again, a player I think Sam Mitchell isn’t using enough. I’d also like to see more of Jalen Rose in the 4th quarter, because it’s becoming increasingly apparent that the lineup we use at the end of the game is just not getting the job done. Matt Bonner, and God bless him for supporting public transit, shouldn’t be on the floor in the fourth. I have no clue what has happened to him this year, but he’s playing like he dances… horrendous. Sam Mitchell has to recognize this and make the adjustments he should have did a long time ago.

I’m happy to see Bosh and Villanueva develop consistency. What displeases me is how weak they go to the basket. Count how many times they’ll get stripped of the ball going to the rim per game – it’s unreal. They need to learn how to take it strong. Don’t just tip in missed shots. Go up aggressively and jack them down. Show your opponents that you can hurt them. Make them fear the poster shot.

Speaking of Charlie V., I truly feel that if this kid put it the effort, he could be so much better than Bosh. He’s bigger and stronger, can drain the 3, and is tougher at rebounding. All he needs is that hunger to dominate.

And can someone tell me when Hoffa will finally understand simple NBA rules? This isn’t the Brass Rail, you can’t put your hands on other people.