Should have watched the election debate instead

It can’t get any worse.

The Raptors had more defensive breakdowns than a dollar-store bicycle lock tonight. You’d think that after the exact same thing happened in the Chicago game, the team would be able to make some sense out of the game tape and stick to their defensive assignments tonight.


Instead, Golden State trounces the Raps by 10 points and in case you cared about these things, set an NBA season high with 17 long balls. That’s right, seventeen. If there was any defense in the house tonight, it was guarding the Gatorade jug.

And as terrible as our defence is, we can’t overlook our horrible play on the other end of the court. At times, our offense looked like a pack of sperm trying to penetrate an iron egg. We’re still unable to set plays, run screens, and most importantly, pass the ball before the defender gets to our man. I honestly think my breathing slows down when I watch us on offense because our passes are so late. If I wanted to watch slow motion sports, I’d watch Hoffa on speed.

At any rate, what we need now is a major roster shakedown. There’s no point starting Hoffa if he’s not contributing in any category besides fouls. As much as I have no faith in Loren Woods, it really looks like now would be the best time just to let him start. At the very least, he can put his hands up and make the net disappear.

There’s no way we can expect to win any games without an inside presence. Adam had more inside presence after he was kicked out of Eden. We need to put Loren Woods back in there. I’d also like to see more Aaron Williams, more Eric Williams, and more Jalen Rose. The rookies have had their ample opportunity to show their stuff and it’s just not working right now. So as much as it pains me to say this, I think it’s time we threw our veterans in. Shake things up, Sam.