Bring out that belt strap

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And now, my thoughts pertaining to yesterday’s game.

Boy, do the Raptors have a knack of giving your knuckles a workout. Some of you may have been holding on to your seats during the first half in jubilation, others shaking your tightly-clenched fist in the dying minutes of the game. At any rate, the Raps lose again and here we are picking up the pieces.

Sam absolutely did the right thing by airing the team out. It’s called passion, and right now the team needs to find some way of making defensive stops. The Raptor’s defense is as sturdy as a wall of butter. And I’ll be honest with you, I’ve been on Sam’s case all season about not being able to draw up plays in crunch time, not being able to develop team chemistry, and not being able to use his players to the best of their abilities. But it doesn’t matter who’s fault it is at this point. We’re 4 and 18 and putting games together like we’re assembling jigsaw puzzles on a rodeo horse.

The fact is that in order to have drastic change, you need to take drastic actions. I’m beginning to think that the players have settled for mediocrity, because EVERYONE has an excuse to fall back on. Oh, they’re young and inexperienced. Oh, he’s on the cusp of becoming a superstar. Oh, he’s in a shooting slump. Oh, he’s Hoffa.

You’re never going to improve as a team if you fall back on your excuses. I’d love to have Charles Oakley back in any capacity, even if it meant that he just stood by the showers with a twisted-up wet towel waiting for a target. Someone needs to create a sense of urgency.

This organization’s greatest achievement since the start of this century has been creating a losing environment around the club. Everyone is used to losing, so apparently it’s okay. Well, I’m glad Sam ripped one into the team. It’s called tough love. And when the going gets tough, the tough rebound.