The 15th of the 12th.

December 15th is upon us, and that means that under the CBA, teams can trade players they signed as free agents last off-season. The Raptors have 3 players eligible; Jose Calderon, Matt Bonner, and Pape Sow. Babcock hasn’t denied being on the phone entertaining proposals from other clubs.

If a trade does go down, consider any one of the following players as trade bait:

Matt Bonner – manageable contract
Pape Sow – great player value because he’s tearing up the D League
Eric Williams – a defensive vet with a solid NBA reputation, known to be a coach’s delight
Morris Peterson – are there any trade rumors that don’t mention his name?
Jalen Rose – the miracle trade everyone is still waiting to happen

I know there’s been speculation that the Raptors could acquire Artest, but if Rafer was considered a cancer to the team, then expect Artest to be crib death. Keep the rookies away from him!

I can’t see any moves happening, but we’ll see what unfolds this week.