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Betting on the NBA

clic For those ready to bet for real money on a sports betting site the following instructions should be a helpful guide to getting started. The first step of the process is to click on the sign-up link in the sports book review of your choosing. For this example will be used. Clicking on “Signup here” will bring you to the front page and will make you eligible to receive their 10% sign-up cash bonus.

The welcome page allows a player to log-in or register a new account as well as browse their sportsbook, casino, horsebook, and poker room.

From there new members will be taken through a brief sign-up period in which they will have to fill out some personal information. Do not worry, these sites do not use personal information for anything other than verifying deposits, withdrawals, and age. Once creating a usename and password players will be able to deposit funds onto

Click on the "Cashier" section will direct one to an area to deposit their funds. In order to play for real money players must select "purchase" and choose from a list of deposit options. accepts Visa/Mastercard as well as wire transfers. If you have any trouble with a deposit their support is more than willing to help.

Once the deposit has cleared the funds will be available to wager on all sections of PlayersOnly. The "Available for withdrawal" section displays the amount of money a player can take off thes site and does not include bonus money that has to be cleared before withdrawal.

Once your funds are in your account you are now ready to start betting on Pick the sport of choice that you want to bet on and then you will be given further categories to bet. Bigger sports are further broken down into sub-categories that you can bet on. For example if you click on NBA it will then take you to all the various bets and lines for the NBA that offers (As seen in the screen shot: further options).

Once you find the line you want you just have to click on the line(s) you want to bet on. For example, I selected “cross sport parlay” which allows me to bet on different lines from different sports. I then have to pick the games/lines which I want in my parlay, in the picture I went with the CHI/BOS U 195.5 with the run line in the Los Angeles Dodgers game that same day. In the box listed BET $ place the amount you want to wager and then click “place bet.” Your bet is still not officially registered as your bet is now shown in a “ticket” to the left of the screen which shows which games you selected and the payout for however much you are putting at risk (screen shot: cross sport parlay confirmation).

Once you confirm this by checking the “confirmation box” and clicking “submit” in the same area where you can review your ticket it will the sportsbook will then say “successful wager” which means your bet is in and final. (Screen shot: cross sport parlay confirmation-bet successful).

To view your open bets you can click on “my account” and then “wagering history” which will take you to a search specific page where you can look at your pending, processed and/or both at once for the selected date range of your choosing. Click on pending wagers to view what bets you have open, in this case it would be the cross sport parlay that I just submitted. (Screen shot: pending and processed wagers) Betting on is quite easy; the site provides an easy step-by-step process and has live support in case you run into trouble.

Placing bets on is quite simple and easy. By following the steps above bettors should have little problem navigating the site. If there are more questions PlayersOnly has an excellent support staff working around the clock available to answer any questions. To learn more about PlayersOnly be sure to visit our own review of the site found at the top of this page. Remember, click on the sign-up link in our review section to take advantage of the biggest/best bonuses has to offer!!

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